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About Us

At Paper Carrier Bags we take great pride in our range of carrier bags and packaging materials.

We are fully committed to our quality of service and attention to detail.

We are confident that our bespoke design service and quality of print, whatever you are looking for, can support your requirements.

We print for the trade, promotional and marketing companies and end users.

Printed packaging is undertaken in-house from artwork to press by one of our experienced team. We are able to offer a full range of products from stock at very competitive prices. If you are unable to see the product you require or wish to discuss your requirement in more detail, please contact our sales team.

All our paper is from fully certified sustainable sources and is fully recyclable.

Forest Stewardship Council

Our paper has been certified according to the criteria laid down by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC™) in order to offer our customers paper products derived from verifiably sustainable forestry.

This forest protection organisation stands globally for the sustainable management of forests.

FSC™ impedes overexploitation, protects rare species and prevents violations of human rights — regardless the origin of the wood, i.e. tropical or domestic forests.

The guiding principle of FSC™ is the certification of forests according to globally uniform criteria, with equal consideration for economical, ecological and societal requirements.

Annual inspections of all certified businesses, both in the forest sector and downstream industries, ensure credibility and transparency.

Worldwide, more than 148 million hectares of forest have been FSC™-certified; about 537,000 hectares of forest are certified in Germany. In German forests, FSC™ stands for forestry without chemicals and clear-cutting, for increasing natural mixed forests, for protecting rare species and ecosystems, and for fair wages.